3 reasons why you need maternity wear

Your little bump will in a big way, transform the way you dress.

The first trimester is always easy. You are likely able to still fit into your current wardrobe and even achieve a flattering look. But things change as you enter your second and third trimester. Dressing up and looking good can become an uphill task and progressively more effortful as you add the fatigue of pregnancy and morning sickness into the picture. 

At this point, forcing our body into existing clothes may cause you to end up looking sluggish and fat (instead of pregnant). With a blossoming bust, you may find your tops pulled too tightly at the bust line, leaving shirt gaps and causing unsightly back boobs. And your growing bump may also cause rumps and muffin tops. The alternative of wearing oversized/baggy clothes is not ideal and often boring too. All mothers go through this difficult phase and is the reason why maternity wear or the right sized wear is important.


#1 You are what you wear. So look good, feel good.

Your choice in clothing can affect your mood. When you are dressed in well-fitted and comfortable clothes that are meant for your growing pregnant body, you are at ease, less self conscious about how you look (more confident) and simply more focused. When you are looking good, you FEEL good.


#2 Impression matters

We all know the importance of not judging a book by its cover. But the society is made such that your appearance is the window in which the world looks at you. People know and will acknowledge the work you put in to look presentable (especially when you are pregnant) and this, is especially important for women in the workplace. When you take the time, effort and pride into dressing well, you will emit an image of self-respect and self-worth. And when you hold yourself with respect and worth, others will hold you with respect and worth too. 


#3 Make beautiful memories. 

Your pregnancy is a precious time of your life. After all, there are just so many times that we can be pregnant, isn't it?

When I was pregnant with Riley, I often wondered how my mum felt and look like when she was having me. But while my mum had many stories to tell me, there were few photos to show. Personally, I wish there were more to see.

So dress up when you are pregnant, and shine during this periodn of your life. Make good memories and one day, you will be able to flaunt your best sides to your little ones.